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Description: Learn about the latest tools, technologies, and advancements to help you create even better apps across Apple platforms, including the all-new visionOS.

Sketchnote of WWDC 2023 State of the Union with details about news in Swift, SwiftUI, APIs and frameworks
  • What is a good platform?
  • One where the most natural way to write code is also the best.


  • Swift Macros make APIs easier to use without boilerplate code
  • "expand macro" button in Xcode shows the generated code during the compilation process (to understand better)
  • @AddAsync macro makes any completion-handler function available as an async-await API, too


  • Recent releases Logic Pro & Final Cut Pro make use of SwiftUI
  • Pie Charts coming to Swift Charts
  • More complete MapKit support
  • Animations improved: New default style is .spring –> more bouncy apps
  • Animated SF Symbols
  • .animationPhase and keyframing for more detailed animations

Data Flow

  • @State and @Environment enough, no @StateObject or @EnvironmentObject needed anymore
  • @Observable macro replaces @Published and ObservableObject
  • Automatic detection of fields are refrenced in SwiftUI


  • New Swift-native layer on top of Core Data
  • Uses @Model macro to turn a class into a Model object
  • Automatic support for persistence, iCloud, Redo/Undo
  • @Attribute(.unique) like APIs for marking fields
  • @Query(sort: .name) like APIs for querying in views


  • used in many places now (many OSes)
  • simple actions possible using Button
  • we need to identify the background with .containerBackground modifier & update padding to support new places
  • easy "magic move" like animations
  • @Preview macro shows Timeline in SwiftUI previews


  • customizable templates for educate users on first usage
  • syncs "already shown" state across devices


  • ShareLink can be used for new AirDrop support
  • Game porting toolkit: 1. Evaluate with emulation, 2. Convert & compile shaders, 3. Convert graphics code
  • AVCapture gets performance improvements
  • ISO HDR API to display images
  • Video Conferencing: Gesture-based animation effect triggers can be observed
  • New ScreenCaptureKit picker
  • external cameras can be added to IPad apps
  • tvOS apps can use camera, e.g. games with gestures, or gesture-remote – via .continuityDevicePicker(...)


  • New .tabViewStyle(.verticalPage) for vertical pages
  • custom Workout API for workout plans


  • 1.3 billion people worldwide with disabilities
  • Pauses Aimating Images (like GIFs)
  • Dims Flashing Lights (when AVFoundation used)
  • visionOD comes with many accessibility tools out of the box


  • New "add-only" calendar permissions
  • "Private picker" mode in Photos for 3rd party apps
  • New "Privacy Manifests" for 3rd-party SDKs so Xcode can automatically fill form in App Store Connect
  • Communication Safety: sensitive content analysis framework, e.g. for nudity detection


  • Collection of views: ProductView, SubscriptionStoreView
  • Automatically displays applicable offers
  • SKAdNetwork now supports re-engangement


  • Source Editor with better auto-completion
  • Type-safe color and image assets through ImageResource and ColorResource (& more APIs)
  • Git staging & unpushed commits built-in
  • Redesigned test reports with heatmap
  • UI tests now record video of interaction before fail
  • Xcode Cloud: Distribute to TestFligth, Notariation, Redesigned Linter (up to 5x faster), Mergeable libraries


  • development with SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit
  • Shared Space: Default, like Desktop
  • SwiftUI scenes: Window, Volume, Full Space (entire environment)
  • 2D apps with 3D extends via .offset(z: ...)
  • ornaments for toolbars/menus (on the left)
  • RealityKit: Dynamic foveation (shaper where eyes look)
  • ARKit: understands space adround use, finger/wrist or head for visionOD selection
  • Simulator on macOS available – only VR mode, no AR mode (through iPhone Camera Continuity)
  • Reality Composer Pro: Preview 3D content, integrates with Xcode build process
  • TestFlight available on visionOS
  • Unity: all advantages of visionOS
  • User Input: hover effects via look (not communicated for privacy reasons), finger tap for click
  • Early Preview: "Spacial Personas" – for Vison Pro to Vision Pro FaceTime calls
  • Detailed Documentation & Tools available
  • VisionPro Developer Labs in 6 locations for testing: Lodon, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Cupertino

WWDC23: 175 sessions, 40 for visionOS alone

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