Design dynamic Live Activities

Written by Travis Ma

Description: Live Activities allow your app to display live information in key system locations on iOS and iPadOS. Learn the best way to create graphically rich layouts that update seamlessly on the Lock Screen, in StandBy, and in the Dynamic Island. Incorporate interactivity and animation to help people stay in touch with live updating events from your app as they navigate outside of your app.

What are Live Activities?

  • Use rich graphical layouts to display their information and update seamlessly inline
  • On the lock screen, Live Activities live at the top of the list alongside notifications

What can be a Live Activity?

Anything someone wants to keep track of for a few minutes to a couple hours can be a Live Activity

Examples: - Sports - Ridesharing - Delivery tracking - Live workouts

Lock Screen

Live Activity: lock screen style

Lock Screen Design Tips

Live Activity: lock screen nargins
  • Be aware of 14pt margins added to all notifications. --- Live Activity: show unique layout in lock screen
  • Try not to replicate the notification layouts themselves. Rather, create a layout that is unique and specific to the information you are displaying.
  • Buttons should only be used if they're controlling an essential part of the activity itself --- Live Activity: match app style in lock screen
  • Best result is when your Live Activity and app feel like they share the same visual aesthetic and personality
    • Consider the colors, iconography, typefaces, and other attributes from your app that you can use
    • Don't alter your colors between light and dark mode if it breaks this visual association --- Live Activity: change content colors in lock screen
  • You can also change the colors based on the content that it's representing to create a more dynamic and engaging visual of your information. --- Live Activity: integrate logo in lock screen
  • If you do use a logo mark as part of your brand, make sure it's integrated uncontained into the layout itself rather than just using your whole app icon --- Live Activity: dismiss button in lock screen
  • The background and foreground colors your Live Activity provides are used to automatically generate a matching dismiss button when swiping
    • Make sure to check that the resulting button looks correct --- ### Spacing

IMPORTANT: Ensure your Live Activities are not too tall, since this area is shared with notifications, music player, etc

Live Activity: grow and shrink in lock screen
  • Look for ways to reduce the height of your design by adjusting the size and placement of elements so they can better fit together and be more compact.
  • Dynamically change the height of your Live Activity between different moments as you have more or less information to display. --- ### Transitions
  • Use the numeric content transition to count up or down important numbers in your Activity.
  • For animating in and out graphic elements and text, use the content replace transition.
  • You can also create your own by combining different animations of the scale, opacity, and position of elements.


  • Do not send secondary notifications to alert user of something related to your Live Activity, instead use your Live Activity
    • Alerting lights up the screen and plays the standard notification sound
    • Emphasize the information that caused the alert in your layout during this transition.


  • If your Live Activity has ended and is no longer relevant, make sure to remove it from the lock screen after a short duration of time --- ## Standby Design Tips
Live Activity: standby view
  • Standby is a new feature that lets you use your iPhone as an ambient informational display.
  • Your layout is scaled up 200% to maximize its size
    • Ensure assets and images you are using in your design are high enough resolution to be displayed at this larger size --- Live Activity: avoid edge styling
  • Avoid using graphic elements that extend to the edge of your Live Activity, use dividing lines or a containing shape instead --- Live Activity: remove background in standby mode
  • When in Standby mode, consider removing your background and blend your layout seamlessly into the device bezel --- Live Activity: night mode in standby
  • Live Activities in SandBy automatically gain "night mode" that transitions the display to a red tint in low light.
    • Check to make sure your colors have enough contrast while in night mode --- ## Dynamic Island Design Tips
Live Activity: dynamic island
  • Use of animation and continuously updating data here makes it feel more alive
  • Extra rounded, thicker shapes, as well as large, heavier weight, easy-to-read text works well
  • Use color to convey identity --- Live Activity: dynamic island concentric shapes
  • Dynamic Island is very sensitive to the shape and placement of things inside it. It’s really important to place objects and information in it in a way that stays in harmony with this shape.
    • Be concentric with its shape. This is when rounded shapes nest inside of each other with even margins all the way around. --- ### Different Size Classes

Compact View

Live Activity: compact view in dynamic island
  • Compact is most common. Used help people keep an eye on an Activity while using their phone.
  • It’s meant to be informational, communicating the most essential things about an activity
    • When you want to show multiple sessions for your app going on at once, consider ticking between the display of them --- Live Activity: keep things snug in dynamic island for compact view
  • Be as narrow as possible with no wasted space.
  • Ensure content is snug against the sensor region. --- Live Activity: dynamic island alerts from compact view
  • If you need to alert users of an event during your session, rather than sending a push notification, when possible, expand the island to present that information --- #### Expanded View
Live Activity: expanded view in dynamic island
  • In addition to alerting you, people can press into the Dynamic Island to zoom into this view and see more information, and access essential controls.
  • Try to get to the essence of your activity here, not showing too little or too much.
  • Emphasize rounded, thicker shapes, and a liberal use of color to establish identity. --- Live Activity: keep cohesiveness in mind between expanded and compact
  • Try and maintain the relative placement of things between the expanded/compact views for cohesiveness. --- Live Activity: wrap around sensor in expanded view
  • Try to keep the tallness of your expanded view within reason
  • Avoid having a “forehead” at the top that calls attention to the sensor region --- #### Minimal View
Live Activity: minimal view in dynamic island
  • This view is shown when juggling between multiple sessions going on at once --- Live Activity: showing data in minimal view for dynamic island
  • Avoid reverting to purely just a logo here, and think about how your session can continue to convey information even in this tiny state.

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Written by

Travis Ma

Travis Ma

Software Development Manager for IQVIA's Mobile team in Arizona.