Unlock the power of grammatical agreement

Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Discover how you can use automatic grammatical agreement in your apps and games to create inclusive and more natural-sounding expressions. We’ll share best practices for working with Foundation, showcase examples in multiple languages, and demonstrate how to use these APIs to enhance the user experience for your apps. For an introduction to automatic grammatical agreement, watch “What's new in Foundation” from WWDC21.

Grammatical agreement

  • Use ^[Bienvenido](inflect: true) a tu iPhone to provide automatic inflection (in supported languages like Spanish, French, or Italian)
  • New locales added: European Portuguese and German

Dependency agreement

  • New API on localization options named concepts to pass a distinct string to another string which are related (e.g. ingredients of a food)
var options = AttributedString.LocalizationOptions()
options.concepts = [.localizedPhrase(food.localizedName)]

let size = AttributedString(localized: "small", options: options)
  • To choose the concept, provide a 1-indexed value like in ^pequeno](agreeWithConcept: 1)
  • The new agreeWithConcept option can be used even in older OS versions – it'll be ignored in them
  • When multiple inflections in one text needed but only one gets %@ argument passed, use new agreeWithArgument: 1 instead on other
  • To make demonstrative adjectives grammatically agree in French, use ^[Ce %@](inflect: true) conteient : %@.

Inclusive language

  • New type TermOfAddress for .masculine, .feminine, or .neutral – can be passed as localization option in .concepts array
  • New referenceConcept attribute in agreement, like "\(person.name) is on ^[their](referentConcept: 1) way."
  • You can provide custom TermOfAddress using TermOfAddress.localized(language:pronouns:) and pass array of Mophology.Pronoun

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