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Sketchnote of WWDC Keynote 2023 with announcements of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS and more, like Vision Pro

New Macs

  • MacBook Air 15" with M2
  • Mac Studio with M2 Max & M2 Ultra
  • Mac Pro with M2 Ultra + 6 PCI-Express (Gen 4) slots & 8 Thunderbolt ports

iOS 17

  • Contact Card with "Poster" (design similar to Lock Screen)
  • Live Voicemail: Text transcription, e.g. use when in a meeting
  • Facetime: "Leave a message"
  • Check-In when going home for safety
  • AirDrop improvements, e.g. large file sending continue over internet
  • Keyboard: Uses transformer models for better autocorrect & prediction support, better dictation
  • Journal app "later this year", suggestions for easy post creation
  • Standby: Landscape stand for the night or during sport events with Widget support
  • No "Hey" needed, just "Siri" triggers Siri
  • Offline Maps support in Maps
  • Named Dogs & Cats support in Photos

iPadOS 17

  • Interactive Widgets
  • Lock Screen like on iPhone, supports Widget (on left in landscape)
  • Health app now on iPad
  • PDF: form detection, signatures, PDF files in Notes app, syncs through iCloud on collaborated notes
  • Stage Manager improvements
  • Freeform "Follow along" someone elses focus

macOS 14 "Sonoma"

  • tvOS screensavers now also available on macOS, including desktop background photo
  • Widgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop
  • iPhone widgets directly visible – even if no Mac app installed (?) (e.g. Apollo app)
  • New "Game mode" gives game higher system priority, doubles bluetooth frequency for less controller latency
  • New "Game Porting Toolkit" to help game developers port their games
  • Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding coming to Mac
  • Video Conferencing: "Presenter Overlay" with different shapes
  • Video Conferencing: Gestures (like double thumbs up) can cause animation effects
  • Passkeys can now be shared
  • Safari gets Profile support (for study, work, private) – separated cookies
  • Add websites to your dock (like to Home screen on iPhone) – removes address bar on open

Audio & Home

  • More intelligent Adaptive Audio for AirPods: Personalized Volume, Mute Button, faster transition
  • AirPlay in Hotels: Scanning QR code automatically connects to WiFi & AirPlay
  • SharePlay in the Car to allow fellow passengers to make music wishes
  • Redesigned control center on tvOS
  • Siri Remote gets Find My support
  • Memories from Photos app can be used as Screen Savers on Apple TV
  • Facetime on Apple TV through Continuity Camera (via iPhone Stand)
  • Continuity Camera APIs available to 3rd party apps


  • Digital Crown scrolls through widgets, like smart stacks
  • Widget for Complications provided by Apple
  • Some redesigned apps, like world clock, uses corner icons for activity
  • New vertical page views (easy to adopt in SwiftUI)
  • 2 new watch faces: A colored one and Snoopy
  • Improvements for cyclers: Bluetooth sensor connectors, FTP power zones, new Map view
  • Workout API, e.g. allows Golf / Tennis apps hand position detection & workout plans


  • Mental Health: Mindfulness app for tracking mood / emotions
  • Clnical assessments for assessing risk of anxiety
  • Apple Watch can time outside through daylight sensor (for kids >80 min/day important)
  • iPad can measure distance to screen and warn kids (to help reduce risk for Myopia)

"One more thing ..."

Apple Vision Pro

  • Enter the era of "Spacial Computing"
  • New operating system called "visionOS"
  • Supports apps through SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit
  • Inputh through eyes, hands, and voice
  • Can run any apps, allows resizing any window, high resolution display
  • Disney cooperation for rich media content
  • Button for taking 3D photos or videos
  • Autostereoscopic (3D without glasses) outside display renders eyes
  • 2 hrs battery with external battery pack
  • M2 chip + R1 chip for sensors
  • Scans face on setup to create "Persona" for Facetime calls
  • App demos: 3D heart (education), Formula 1 cars (sports), spatial DJ, Planetarium, Microsoft Office
  • Supports "AirPlay" for Mac screens, allowing to code with Xcode on Mac (using keyboard & mouse) with Vision Pro
  • iPad & iPhone apps available
  • Unity apps / games available
  • "Optic ID" to replace Touch/Face ID (Iris scanner)
  • More than 5,000 patents during development of device
  • $3.499 starting price
  • US release early 2024, more countries to follower later in the year

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