Meet watchOS 10

Description: Discover some of the most significant changes to Apple Watch since its introduction as we tour the redesigned user interface and the new Smart Stack. Learn how Apple designers approached the design of watchOS 10 as we explore layout, navigation, and visual style, and find out how you can apply them to create a great app for Apple Watch.

  • Most significant change to Apple Watch since Introduction
  • Entirely new interface
    • Takes advantages of larger displays and new hardware
    • Widgets
    • New scrollable home screen
    • Control center accessible everywhere
    • Redesigned every app for glancebility
  • Design principles and designing great apps
    • Apps: focused and highly specialised
    • Short interactions and glanceability
    • Clear navigation
    • Use standard layouts and UI elements
  • Three foundational layers
    • Dial, Infograph and List
  • Use background content to help users navigate
    • Color
    • Gradient
    • Animated content
  • New materials
    • Translucency
    • Vibrancy
  • New navigation patterns
    • Vertical pagination
      • Paginate with crown
      • Use instead of horizontal pages
      • Each Page should have the max. height of a screen
    • Source List
      • Navigation between detail pages (Locations in World Clock)
    • Hierarchical Navigation
  • Digital Crown interactions
    • Scroll lists
    • Vertical Pagination
    • Inspect elements

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