What's new in App Store pre-orders

Written by Kris Slazinski

Description: Discover the latest enhancements to App Store pre-orders, including regional publishing. We'll show you how to use App Store Connect to set up pre-orders to simultaneously soft launch your app and offer it in different regions.

About pre-orders

  • When you make your app available for pre-order, its product page becomes published on the App Store. The app can be purchased before it's released for download.
  • On release day, your customers will be notified and your app will be automatically downloaded on their devices.

What's new

  • Ability to offer your app for pre-order on a regional basis.
  • You can also first release your app to a few regions, as a soft launch or limited release, and then offer your app for pre-order in any other region you choose.
Map with an example of regional pre-orders

Pre-orders set up examples

To set up your first pre-order in App Store Connect, go to App Store tab, Pricing and Availability page and click Set Up Availability. And choose regions.

App Store Connect with Set Up Availability button

After pre-orders are set up, uou can check where the app is available and not available. Here you can also expand pre-order to other regions. You can also edit and update release date, release your app immediately or remove your pre-order.

App Store Status list and option to manage availability

The expected release date you can set for pre-orders: - unreleased app - up to 180 days in the future - app that's already published on the App Store - up to 365 days in the future

Marketing pre-order app and tracking the performance of pre-orders

  • Apple provides localized badges for your website (use them to link people to your product page).
  • Pre-order apps are discoverable through search, and may be featured on the Today, Games, or Apps tabs on the App Store.
  • The performance of your pre-orders can be tracked from within App Analytics, where you can find the number of purchased pre-orders by date and by region.
  • You'll be able to run custom product pages and product page optimization tests for any pre-order app.
Optimization tests


  • More flexible pre-orders
  • Set up pre-orders on App Store Connect
  • Functionality covered in this talk can be automated with App Store Connect API

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Written by

Kris Slazinski

Kris Slazinski

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