Meet StoreKit for SwiftUI

Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Discover how you can use App Store product metadata and Xcode Previews to add in-app purchases to your app with just a few lines of code. Explore a new collection of UI components in StoreKit and learn how you can easily merchandise your products, present subscriptions in a way that helps users make informed decisions, and more.

  • Assets, Localization, Style provided by the Developer
  • StoreView, ProductView, and SubscriptionStoreView can be used when StoreKit and SwiftUI are imported
  • StoreView(ids: ["..."]) { product in /* custom icon view */ } presents a full screen view with a list if ProductViews
  • Define your custom layout by using ProductView directly
  • Customize with .productViewStyle(.large|.compact|.regular), .containsBackground, .backgroundStyle(.clear) & more
  • Customize with .subscriptionStoreButtonLabel(.multiline), .sbuscriptionStorePurchaseItemBackground(.thinMaterial) & more
  • New .onInAppPurchaseCompletion { product, result in ... } modifier for SwiftUI (catching purchases in descending views)
  • Use .onInAppPurchaseStart { product in ... } for showing progress indicator
  • Use .subscriptionStatusTask(groupID: ...) { taskState in ... } with state cases .loading, .failure(any Error), and .success(Transaction)
  • Or .currentEntitlementTask(for ...) { state in ... } for non-consumable products
  • Customize with .productIconBorder if you want the App Store product icon look
  • Create custom styles by conforming to ProductViewStyle
  • Use .storeProductsTask(for: ...) modifier in custom styles to use Apple-provided caching & loading logic
  • Customize with .storeButton(.visibble|.automatic|.hidden, for: .redeemCode|.cancellation|.restorePurchase|.signIn|.policies) to control buttons shown
  • New .subscriptionStoreSignInAction { ... } modifier triggered on press of .signIn store button
  • .policies shows terms and privacy policy buttons above plan list (in iOS / macOS)
  • Customize with .subscriptionStorePolicyForegroundStyle(.white) for legibility on custom backgrounds
  • Also .subscriptionStoreControlStyle(.buttons|automatic|.picker|.prominentPicker) available for pre-defined styles
  • Use .subscriptionSToreButtonLabel(.displayName|.price) in custom style
  • .subscriptionStoreControlIcon { subscription, info in ... } for further styling
  • Use .containerBackground(.accent.gradient, for: .subscriptionStore|Header|FullHeight) options for background
  • Use visibleRelationships: .upgrade parameter on initializer to change to "Upgrade" mode when already subscribed

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