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What's new in Wallet and Apple Pay

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Apple Pay makes it simple to pay for goods and services in your app and on your website. Discover how you can integrate API updates like context-specific button types, contact data formatting, and cross-platform support to make the service more effective for you and people using it. And, if you’re building app clips, adopting Apple Pay can help you unlock new commerce experiences.
  • PKPaymentPass has been replaced by a new class PKSecureElementPass.
  • PKSecureElementPass has the same properties as PKPaymentPass, so it’s encouraged to use this one.
  • PKPaymentButton didn’t change much, however it has new button types for renting, top up, etc..
  • Now the payment button can derive its light/dark style theme from the system by supplying an automatic style to the button:
var automaticButton = PKPaymentButton(paymentButtonType: .plain, paymentButtonStyle: .automatic)

We can also request specifically for light or dark mode in the same way

  • Now Catalyst and native macOS apps supports paying with Apple Pay in the same way it’s implemented on web pages
  • Also, instead of asking the WebKit for a URL for Apple Pay and validate that URL against known Apple hostnames, there is a static URL you we always send our POST request to directly: apple-pay-gateway.apple.com

Contacts formatting improvements

  • in iOS 14, when contact data is coming from Apple Pay, qw will see more consistent data and less variation
  • Also, users are now prompted to correct issues in their contact information earlier, so they get to fix it sooner in the process.

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