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What's new in HealthKit

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HealthKit is an essential framework that integrates first- and third-party health and fitness data to help people manage their personal health information. Learn about HealthKit’s latest updates, which provide read access to electrocardiograms on Apple Watch and log and track over a dozen new symptoms and their severity. We’ll also go through the latest mobility data types like walking speed and step length to help people monitor and understand their mobility over time.

Tracking Symptoms

30 Symptoms data types have been added to Health Kit this year, they are shown below.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

ECG samples can now be read as an HKElectrocardiogram. HKElectrocardiogram represents a collecton of voltage measurements. The class contains the following properties:

If you want individual measurements you have to run the HKElectrocardiogramQuery:


6 minute walk test, stair ascent and descent speed, walking speed and step length can now be measured by your phone and/or watch. Walking speed and step length are captured by the walking asymmetry and double support percentage

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