Building Great Shortcuts

Written by Stefan Herold

Description: Shortcuts enable people to quickly and easily accomplish actions or get things done hands-free using Siri and the Shortcuts app. Join us for a tour of where shortcuts can appear, how you can customize the experience, and how your app’s shortcuts can be used with variables and actions from other apps.

  • Summary of an Action should be short and only contain necessary parameter
  • Best way to add shortcut is right inside the app after the action that should be added has been completed
  • Offer to add shortcuts for repeatable actions
  • Activation Phrase should be short and pronounceable
  • Suggested Shortcuts List can be updated by app via API a often as wanted. Apple also populated this list based on device usage like recently used apps.
  • Input and Output concept used to make actions work together. Actions can now output information for others to use, e.g. action could find a note wheas action 2 processes this. Both can be chained together.
  • Intent Editor lets the developer modify intents

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Written by

Stefan Herold

Stefan Herold

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