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Introducing Sign In with Apple

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Sign In with Apple is the fast, easy way for people to sign in to apps using the Apple IDs they already have. Learn how easy it is to add a Sign In with Apple button to your app or website to acquire new customers and benefit from the built-in security, antifraud, and privacy that Sign In with Apple provides.
  • Secure - backed by 2FA of the AppleID
  • Private - not tracked by Apple
  • Fast and Easy - user doesn't even need a keyboard
  • User controls which data to share
  • Seamless Across Device recognizes that already signed in on other device
  • Requires Capability for Apple Sign In has to be added
  • Private E-Mail Relay links random mail to your AppleID
    • Apple never retains messages
    • Can be used for any email communication like receipts, ...
    • Two-Way Relay
  • Anti-Fraud Detection can tell if a robot tries to sign in or not
  • Cross Platform iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, JavaScript (Android Websites)
  • ASAuthorizationAppleIDButton creates button that has different visual styles and labels
  • Authentication Request returns
    • UserID which is unique, stable and team-scoped and can be used as the key to the user
    • Verification Data identity token and short-lived code to refresh token
    • Full Name as PersonNameComponents which contain first/last name separately
    • Verified email your server doesn't need to verify this email again
    • Real User Indicator high confidence indicator that likely real user
    • Credential State tells if UserID is authorized (let user pass), revoked (handle unlink) or not Found (show login)
  • Always check on AppStart with provider.getCredentialState(userID) which runs very fast
  • Listen to NSNotification.Name.ASAuthorizationAppleIDProviderCredentialRevoked and sign the user out if called
  • Password Autofill integrates with Apple Sign In. Triggered if the device detects a stored credential

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