Getting Started with Xcode

Written by Stefan Herold

Description: Xcode is the development environment for creating great apps for Apple platforms. Find out how to take advantage of Xcode features to go all the way from a new project to App Store distribution. Along the way, you'll learn how to navigate the Xcode user interface, how to take advantage of the source editor and live user interface previews, how to incorporate community-developed Swift packages into your app, and how to refactor and test your code, all while developing a working SwiftUI app.

  • 1h presentation about all the power Xcode offers
  • You learn about all the UI elements and functionality of Xcode
    • how to compile
    • fix issues in SwiftUI
    • add capabilities
    • create Swift Packages
    • how to add dependencies via Swift Package Manager
    • unit testing
    • target memberships
    • running and debugging
    • documentation
    • and many more...
  • It is perfectly suited for new developers that have never worked with Xcode, but also for experienced ones to get to know the new UI of Xcode 11

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Stefan Herold

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